Now, Lucifer has his own TV show on NBC now.  Go figure!  As America makes its descent into more wickedness, I am not surprised.

In the TV show, Lucifer is predictable, he is always at the scene of death and mayhem.  In real life, Lucifer is invisible. That’s what makes him so dangerous. The other is most people don’t believe he exist. That makes him twice as dangerous!

He is a magnetic character always on the hunt for trouble. The Bible says he roams the earth seeking to devour us. He despises you and me.  He hates Christians the most because they belong to Jesus Christ, his nemesis.  

In the first TV episode, he and his girlfriend are both hit by a drive-by machine-gun attack in front of a bar.  Lucifer is riddled with bullets – so is the dead girlfriend.  You guessed it – Satan is bullet proof – has no affect on him.  Death follows him everywhere.  He loves it!

Why would NBC make a television series about the devil.  I believe they see Lucifer as some kind of fictional bad guy.  Somebody like the “Joker”.

It’s just entertainment – at its worst.  And America loves it.