The devil loves to attack  your mind and make you think you are attacking yourself.  He will trash talk you all day long if you let him. For instance, he might tell you:

  • You’re worthless
  • Your not forgiven by Jesus, you sinned again
  • You’re stupid
  • You will never succeed
  • Discouraging words – like you’re a loser
  • Words that cause depression – like nobody can love you
  • To commit suicide to end your pain – don’t believe it  –  he wants you in Hell forever  –  where you never escape pain

Our mind is the devil’s playground.  

If you don’t believe he exist, he will defeat you 24/7. 

He is a master of discouragement.  It is his favorite tool.

Remember, the devil is NOT your friend.  

He despises you and wants to destroy you!

Remember, you can be forgiven by Jesus Christ and go to Heaven.

Satan can never be forgiven.