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"For he is a liar and the father of lies." John 8:44

Month: April 2019

Why Do You And I Have A Sin Problem!

Every human being has a sin problem to one degree or another.

The story of Adam and Eve is where sin got its beginning. Lucifer deceived both Adam and Eve into eating of the tree of good and evil. God told them not to, but they did it anyway. At that very moment sin was born into the world.

Since then, every single one of us was born into sin. We have a sin nature that causes us to defy God’s authority and many to even hate God.

Today, sin has its’ fangs into every part of society around the world.

Be sober and vigilant, because your opponent the devil aka lucifer, as a roaring lion, doth walk about, seeking whom he may swallow up…  1 Peter 5:8

Nobody has to teach us to sin, it is an effortless experience for every person alive. 

Here’s a common example of sin, when in trouble a small child will lie to Mom or Dad without thought.  A child will steal from his brother or sister with no instruction whatsoever.

                                                   God’s Law

God gave the 10 commandments through Moses thousands of years ago. These commandments form God’s law for mankind. When we break these commandments we sin against God.

God holds each one of us responsible each time we break His law. We stand guilty for each sin committed against God’s Law.

But God in His rich mercy has given us a way of escape though the Gospel of Jesus Christ for our sin – otherwise we will be declared guilty of our sins and will pay our sin debt in Hell forever after we die.

Next, we will explore the “way of escape”, The Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Lucifer: The Fallen Angel

Who is Lucifer? How did he become an angel? Why did he rebel against God? What did He do to be thrown out of Heaven to earth?


3 Kinds of Hell

What are the three kinds of Hell?


5 Gates To Hell

What and where are the five gates of Hell?


Lucifer TV Show?

Now, Lucifer has his own TV show on NBC now.  Go figure!  As America makes its descent into more wickedness, I am not surprised.

In the TV show, Lucifer is predictable, he is always at the scene of death and mayhem.  In real life, Lucifer is invisible. That’s what makes him so dangerous. The other is most people don’t believe he exist. That makes him twice as dangerous!

He is a magnetic character always on the hunt for trouble. The Bible says he roams the earth seeking to devour us. He despises you and me.  He hates Christians the most because they belong to Jesus Christ, his nemesis.  

In the first TV episode, he and his girlfriend are both hit by a drive-by machine-gun attack in front of a bar.  Lucifer is riddled with bullets – so is the dead girlfriend.  You guessed it – Satan is bullet proof – has no affect on him.  Death follows him everywhere.  He loves it!

Why would NBC make a television series about the devil.  I believe they see Lucifer as some kind of fictional bad guy.  Somebody like the “Joker”.

It’s just entertainment – at its worst.  And America loves it.


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